Angela's Tuscan 50th Birthday Party

August 3rd, 2010 12:00am

Angela and Robert Smithson are masters of the art of living! I met Robert, owner of Trinity Printing at the Sarasota Film Festival. He asked me to help him plan his wife's 50th birthday party at their gorgeous Tuscan home.

After I finished setting up the table, floral designs and got the staff ready, I had the pleasure of spending a good portion of the evening in my favorite spot of the house -- the kitchen, right next to the chef... and the dogs who were as excited as I was, I'm sure.

After dinner, the guests got to share what is called a "friendship drink." A beautiful, wood-carved container with multiple spigots which served a carefully mixed concoction of Grappa, coffee, and sugar and finished with a citrus rind -- all lit up passed around the table. This "friendship drink" was invented in the cold, mountainous part of Italy to keep everyone warm. I just love learning new things in my life journeys. I will quote Mr. Armstrong on this one: "What a wonderful world!"

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